Of Gods and Food

This blog will be the story of my ongoing journey towards better health, more natural living, and the ever-evolving realm of my magical and spiritual practice. Why have all that together in one place, you may ask. Because to me, food is sacred. My body is a temple. There is no separation between the physical and the spiritual. Isn’t there a saying that food can feed the soul? Certain foods were “nectar of the gods”, or so sacred that they were placed upon the altars even in Christian churches (more on this later). Part of my spirituality is an animistic belief system, and feeling that being on this path that I am means I need to take care of the Earth in any way that I can, to contribute as much to its wellbeing and as little to its downfall as possible. I will share my attempts at learning traditional foods and their preparation methods, traditional women-crafts, spirit work, and more I’m sure. So take up your cup, fill it to the brim, and sit ’round the fire that we may tell tales to feed the Spirits, and eat the foods that feed the Soul.